Friday, March 10, 2017

Oversized Crunchy Scarf

Not too long, while surfing around crochet patterns, I found this pattern from Hopeful Honey I had to hook up, and so I have. It's gorgeous, but then, all her stuff is! Anyway, being that it's still winter in my neck of the woods, this was quickly hooked up and gosh, but I love it!

I did make some modifications to the pattern. I did not use the yarn from the pattern, I found it pricey and decided to try another yarn. I have no objection to splurging on yarn, but at the rate I'm making projects, I might need a second job just to pay for yarn, and then I'd have no time to crochet! I found this lovely yarn from Stylecraft and I have to say, while it wasn't what I was expecting, it is beautiful and feels lush and soft and is warm. I was very happy with this yarn choice and would purchase it again.

The pattern is easy to follow, and for me, it was a simple easy stitch. Great for a beginner but fun for anyone. The texture created from this stitch is lovely and the chunky yarn works up quick and easy and is a nice easy keep your hands busy crochet project with a lovely piece for you at the end.

The other modification I made was adding in some extra sttiches to the beginning chain, in a multiple of three, since I deiced to use a smaller hook. I have the hook recommended in the pattern, but the yarn didn't seem to suit it, so I went with a 10.00mm hook instead. Trust me, this is still an oversized scarf. It worked out beautifully.

I'm always torn about colour choice. I love colour but I often feel conflicted--do I want something bright and colourful? Or do I want something more netural? If I do want bright and colourful, what will I pair it with? And, what colour do I want? And if I think I want netural, well how many netural pieces do I need/want? See my problem? I have to say, this cream colour I picked is lovely and goes with everything and I'm very happy I gave careful thought to colour choice for this oversized scarf.

Want to try this pattern out? Click on the link at the top and you will find this free pattern.

Till next time,

Happy Hooking,

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