Monday, July 18, 2016

Front Post Double Crochet Headband

I have a lot of leftover yarn from previous projects. They sit in my yarn basket and I am never quite sure what to do with them. Yesterday I had just enough to try out a pattern I found for a headband, or ear warmer, which it what I will use this piece for in the colder months. I found the pattern at Rescued Paw Designs, a site that is new to me but that is great! The pattern was quick to work up and I love the look of it.

The thing I found with this pattern was that it called for a foundation chain of 40 stitches, but I needed to use 45 even though I was using the recommended 6.5mm hook. I used a worsted yarn, so maybe if you're using a chunkier yarn you'll be okay with the 40 stitches. But, just play around if not.

I had to learn how to front post double crochet, which is soo easy. And I love the look it lends to this ear warmer. I'm thinking this might very well turn into a favourite stitch for meSince I had no idea how to front double crochet, a stitch I had tried before but hadn't had much success at (I'm thinking now I was misunderstanding the written directions I was referring to at the time) so I decided to Youtube. And I found a video that made it super easy so I am sharing that with you! 

I hope you'll try this pattern, if only because it's practical and so much fun! Or just to practice the front post double crochet if it's new to you.

Happy Hooking,

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