Saturday, July 23, 2016

Beautiful Mandala

Some months ago, I stumbled across a blog that was posting a lot of pictures of these absolutely gorgeous mandalas. I mean, they were stunning. Expertly done and I wondered why the blogger was posting so many of these mandalas. I found out why, and it shocked and saddened me. The blogger was doing a beautiful thing in memory of one member of the crochet community, in memory of Wink. I was so upset by the story that I decided to make my own mandala to honour Wink as well. If you'd like to read the full story about the mandala project for Wink, I have it here for you.

I used the pattern I found on Wink's site, and I've looked over many of her patterns since then. She was a truly creative soul. Since it was too late for me to contribute to the project, I have this mandala with me at home and it cheers up a space of mine and reminds me that life is beautiful. I was able to contribute to the project in another way, by crocheting some mini mandalas, which I do not have pictures of sadly. This pattern forced me to learn a couple of things--the magic ring for one, and how to create a standing stitch. It's not a perfect mandala, but I sure am happy with how it looks. And I'm sure to only get better the more I crochet! I hope you try this project and perhaps can share it with someone who needs some brightness and comfort in their life. To me, this project will always be a reminder that life is beautiful. 

Happy Hooking,

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