Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Triangular Granny Shawl

Sometimes when I'm looking at yarn, I find some that I just have to have. That was the case when I saw the colours for this fall shawl I crocheted. I had the pattern already at home, but when I first went to try it something in the instructions threw me so I put it aside. A year or two later, and I'm much better at pattern reading and crochet and the pattern seemed the perfect one for the yarn I wanted to use. So I began to make my granny shawl.

The pattern was very easy to follow, and if you can make a granny square, a granny triangle will be just as easy. I found the pattern on Ravelry, which is a good site for patterns, but not really my favourite. It might be one day, just isn't right now. I used colours I liked, and I wanted a fall shawl and I decided myself when I wanted to change colours.

Personally, I love the colours and the soft yarn. It should be cozy in the fall months. This would love amazing in some jewel tones, or even in monochromatic tones like black and white. The pattern lets you decide which size hook to use and I used a 4mm which made the project work up a bit more slowly, but I think the effect is nicer and suited the yarn well. 

The pattern included an optional boarder, and I wanted to finish it off with a pretty edge but I was unable to use the boarder included in the pattern. Try as I might, I couldn't follow the instructions and I eventually gave up and decided to see if I could create a nice boarder using a shell stitch, and luckily that worked out. So in the end, it all worked out well! This is a good larger project for a beginner and just as much fun for the more experience crocheter. 

Happy Hooking,

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