Saturday, September 17, 2016

Ridged Beanie Hat

With the weather getting cooler, I decided it was time to make a beanie hat for the autumn days. I found a yarn I loved and then went hunting for a pattern for that was just right. And I found one that was perfect--it looks great and was interesting to crochet.

I found the pattern for this hat at Rescued Paw Designs, which I check regularly since the patterns are usually easy to follow and fun to work up. This pattern uses the front post double crochet (fpdc) and the back post double crochet (bpdc) and was a lot to make. Plus, it looks great! Not sure how to make the back post double crochet? Neither was I, and written instructions proved baffling. That's because you are working in the back of your work, or you could think of it as the opposite side of your work, and that was an odd concept to me. I've included a video to help you, since I needed a video to help me really see how it's done. Once you master this (and it won't take long) you're on your way to making a great beanie hat! 

It might look a little strange, but really it's just as easy as the front post double crochet so keep trying as it is not at all difficult. I also want to mention that the pattern includes adult, child and baby sizes as well as a cute flower applique that I chose not to make for my own hat. So you can make one of these beanie hats for anyone in your family! I love my hat and although I'm sorry to see summer behind us (mostly) I can't wait to wear my new hat.

Happy Hooking,

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