Monday, July 4, 2016

The V Stitch Blanket

I'm currently working on a few projects, but today I'm going to share with you a project I finished off a while back with a really cute variegated yarn. I used the V stitch to create the blanket. I got the stitch pattern from a crochet book I have, and it's really easy. I created a long throw for my sofa to use during the spring and summer months. I love crocheting afghans, so I have several at the moment, one for each season of the year.

Currently, this fun and bright V stitch is thrown over the back of my sofa and I do sometimes use it in the evenings, even in these warmer months, when I'm watching television or reading. Or sometimes even working a new crochet project. I love the colour of the yarn and it was so fun to work up because the V stitch is an easy and pretty pattern.

I also loved that I was able to match a yarn to the colours in the blanket as a boarder. For the boarder, once I was done the blanket I simply single crocheted all the way around the blanket. Two rows of single crochet all around a completed blanket create a nice boarder in my experience. I have also used a picot stitch to create a boarder, but I wanted a no fuss look, so this worked perfectly.

The V stitch is a lovely stitch and is a bit more open weave which made it the perfect choice for an afghan I planned to use during the warmer months of spring and summer. The key thing when working this up is to pay attention. I accidently "dropped" a stitch in my V stitch in two spots throughout the blanket. It was an easy error to make simply because that's how easy this stitch is to create, and luckily it was also easily fixed. I doubt anyone will notice that I didn't go back to correct the dropped stitch, and it has not affected the appearance of the blanket at all.

So, how did I create this wonderful stitch? Red Heart has some instructions for you that I hope you will find useful. I used the classic V stitch, but they offer instructions complete with photos for some variations as well. I have also used this stitch for scarves, and they have turned out beautifully as well.

I'd love to see your crochet creations or hear from you, so please drop a comment in the comment section if you are so inclined! Unit next time,

Happy Hooking,

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