Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Sweet Daisy Coasters

I have always loved the look of appliques and crochet flowers. I've tried my hand at some, with mixed results, but I learned a few things here and there in my efforts. One thing I learned was they are more time consuming than they look. Another thing I learned was counting stitches is not only important but sometimes absurdly tricky (at least for me) and that crocheting with a small hook size is often an exercise in frustration. But I was determined to make some coasters, so I found a pattern and doggedly sat down to hook it up.

I found the pattern on a blog called Whiskers and Wool, a cute blog that hasn't been updated in a while sadly. I think my daisies turned out quite nicely, even if at times they were a pain to hook up due to the fact that crocheting with a cotton worsted yarn using a 3.75mm makes for tiny, tight stitches that I counted and re-counted over and over and still managed to mess up my last two coasters. I fixed the mistakes so you can't see them, but really it was exasperating. I will say the pattern was very easy to follow, and although I found making these frustrating, that's all on me. This pattern worked up easily, and I would make these again, but I'd use a DK yarn in cotton instead of worsted cotton if I did just to see the difference.

These are very cute and would make for a nice gift for a housewarming or Mother's Day. I have always loved daisies and like the look of these, sweet and simple. Plus, they bring a bit of spring into the home during these long, grey winter months. A dash of spring and colour is much needed in my neck of the woods, so this will brighten up the place a bit.

I am very proud of myself for seeing this project through till the end. Trust me, at times after making the white center (where all my counting errors must lie) I had to lay down my hook and walk away for a while. If anyone has tips on making circular pieces like this one easier, I'd love to hear them. The pattern says to keep going round without using a slip stitch to join, but I wasn't always able to do that and keep a correct count. Guess I'm still in beginner stages in some areas of crochet. Or, I'm bad at counting since when I did use a slip stitch my count was still wrong. Lots of frogging in this dear readers, but I do think a lot of that had to do with my yarn type. If you think so too, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the sort of fiber and weight of yarn you'd use for a project like this one.

I am very happy with the final pieces and glad I saw this project through till the end!

Happy Hooking,

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