Sunday, October 16, 2016

I've Gone Yarn Crazy!

In my last post, I mentioned that I'm currently working two larger projects. I haven't yet finished either, but yesterday there was a sale and I went yarn shopping. And I found some lovely yarn that I can't wait to work with even though I have two big projects that I'm still in the middle of! I've got crochet madness that's for sure.

I'm not sure the photo does justice to the colours in the Red Heart yarn, but let me assure you it's a beautiful yarn, soft and rich with the colours of autumn. I instantly fell in love and I knew just the project that this yarn would be perfect for. I hope I bought enough. Let me tell you a little story; I recently subscribe to I Like Crochet via my iPad and the October edition has two projects I want to hook up, one with the Red Heart yarn, and the other with that bright yellow that I just love. And as I was standing in the store, I cursed myself because I didn't have access to the app. So, I'm hoping I have enough. I have yet to even double check if I do! Which I really should, come to think of it. 

So what are the projects I have planned for all this lovely yarn I bought? The yellow yarn is going to be hooked into a braided ear warmer. I can't call it a headband as it will be too thick I think, for that use. It ought be perfect as an ear warmer though. The other yarn will be a big lacey scarf/shawl. I have to say, I don't think there are enough hours in the day to crochet lately! 

What are you hooking up? You can share in the comments below. 

Happy Hooking,

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