Sunday, February 26, 2017

Mulberry Wine Puff Stitch Scarf

I have a new look for my blog! This one suits me much better, so I'm hoping it'll be around for a while. With the new look, comes a new blog post. I had been putting off working on this blog for two reasons, one being I thought I needed a new look, something a bit more eye catching, and the second being that I was very unhappy with the photos I've taken. I have mentioned before that I don't have much in the way of photography know how and that taking photos has been challenging. I'm working on that. I'm trying to learn more about lighting, looking at good photos and takine more time to set up the projects so that the photos turn out better. But, on to today's crochet project--a lovely scarf I worked up thanks to a pattern I found in the February issue of I Like Crochet. 

I really like the designer of this pattern, and I've always got my eye out for her patterns. I find them easy to follow, stylish and they always grab my eye and make my hands yearn to start crocheting. She arranges stitches beautifully I think, and I'm always excited to try out one of her patterns.

 The stitch used here is a puff or cluster sort of stitch, very easy so even a beginner can try their hand at this scarf. Which I love! I used Debbie Bliss Cashermino Aran, which I purchased through A word of warning--it's super easy to quickly become enthralled by the lovely yarns. I've been addicted to buying them! This particular yarn is soft, smooth to work with, and I love the mulberry colour I chose for this project. Paired with a black top and jeans, it's a cozy winter day outfit.

If you've not looked into I Like Crochet, the subscription is inexpensive and the magazine features a variety of patterns for the home, for fashion accessories and children's accessories as well--tons of really cute and neat ideas, so I highly recommend you check them out, and wish you some very

Happy Hooking,

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