Thursday, January 19, 2017

Great Grit Stitch Scarf

I make a lot of scarves, and today I've yet another one to share with you. Scarves are a great accessory, and fun and easy to work up and also warm in the colder months. I was recently hit with a yucky stomach flu and I took a day off work to rest and that day I was feeling better so as I was resting in front of the TV I whipped up this scarf and learned a new stitch too! One I am using again because it creates a bit of a stretchy fabric if you use a larger hook and a nice lace like look too.

I adore the grape punch colour I picked up. It's bright and it's just what I need in these grey winter months. I've now got a few brightly coloured pieces to brighten up my winter day and I love them all! Not used the grit stitch before? Never fear, it's super simple and if you can single crochet, it's as easy as that. The video will show you exactly how to create this wonderful stitch. This is perfect for scarves, blankets, shawls too I think--in fact I'm working on one using this stitch--and would a lot to any piece you creating. It'd be interesting to see a sweater using this stitch. Maybe one day!

Hope the video is useful--I love Hopeful Honey's video's because she takes her time and gives easy to follow instructions. She has a wide selection of stitches you can learn as well which is great in my books!

Happy Hooking,


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