Thursday, January 5, 2017

Double Single Crochet Infinity Scarf

I had bought a beautiful yellow yarn and had decided to make a braided earwarmer out of it, but in the end I decided to make yet another scarf. I wanted a big, bulky one for the winter and the bright yellow seemed to fit the kind of project I had in mind. I turned my big yellow scarf into a big yellow infinity scarf. I adore it.

To create this scarf, I used a 6.00mm hook, and a stitch I found that I thought both simple (as in even a beginner can do it) and pretty. The combination of the stitch and the larger hook created a chunkier look even though I used a worsted yarn.

The stitch I used is known as the Double Single Crochet and I loved working it up. I found it via Hopeful Honey's video, which I'm sharing with you so you can see how the stitch is done yourself. It's super easy and fun!

I made the scarf quiet wide and long enough that I could stitch into an infinity scarf. I wanted something bulky for the winter and I wanted it to stand out among the blacks and greys most people sport during the colder months. The yellow seemed to quite stand out. The scarf is warm, and wraps even around my head acting as a sort of hood if I fancy it to, and it's one of my more eye catching accessories.

I've a vast collection of scarves now, and this one is currently one of my favourites. The bright, happy colour brightens up a winter day, and it certainly keeps out a frosty wind so it's no wonder I'm currently loving it.

Happy Hooking,

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